32 Thoughts Everyone Has Trying To Find The Perfect Gift

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Southwest Florida.
  1. Why is this store so crowded?
  2. It’s because I waited too long to do my Christmas shopping. Why did I do that?
  3. I told myself I would get all my shopping done earlier this year. That didn’t happen.
  4. Who do I have to buy gifts for again?
  5. How much money do I have in my bank account?
  6. This candle is perfect for my sister.Christmas List
  7. Wait. Actually, that candle over there is perfect for my sister.
  8. Didn’t I buy my sister a candle last year? Maybe I’ll find something better for her this year.
  9. Why is everyone in my family so hard to shop for?
  10. I could by my husband this CD.
  11. He’ll love it! It’s his favorite band.
  12. Actually, it’s my favorite band.
  13. Maybe if I get it for him I can listen to it on my way to work.
  14. But I always listen to WAY-FM on my way to work.
  15. Scratch the CD idea.
  16. Ooooh free samples in the baking isle.
  17. I need milk. Must get milk.
  18. No…I’m here to find the perfect gifts for my family. I can grocery shop later.
  19. What makes the perfect gift anyways:
  20. The perfect gift is something thoughtful and comes from the heart.SALVATION ARMY
  21. Maybe I should buy each of my kids only 1 gift and then give the rest of the money I would normally spend to a charity.
  22. Too late for that this year. Maybe next year.
  23. Ok, so I have two gifts for Sam, two for Steve, and one for Sarah. I should probably get them all the same amount.
  24. Why is Christmas shopping so hard.
  25. Yes! That shirt would be perfect for Sarah.
  26. Except the blue one isn’t in her size.
  27. There is a red one in her size, but she looks better in blue.
  28. I guess I’ll get the red, and she can return it if she doesn’t like it.
  29. Ok I think I have finally got everyone something.
  30. Except for my sister.
  31. Sigh. I’ll just get her the candle.
  32. Why are the checkout lines so long.

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