Lift the Vote!


Maybe you feel discouraged – thinking it’s too late and our country is too far gone. Christianity get pushed to the back shelf in America and religious freedom is constantly under attack.

But exercising our responsibility to vote is one of the only ways things will change. 17 million Evangelical Christians did not vote in the last election. These elections DO matter. Not to vote, is a vote saying “I don’t care.” 

As a U.S. citizen, you are both a decision-maker for our government and a steward of our nation’s values. The Constitution clearly puts the responsibility on us: “We the People” choose our leaders and, by extension, the policies that govern our land. So, not to vote is much like not doing our job. And, the more of us who “do our job and vote,” the more likely change will occur.

Check out the WAY-FM artists who you’ll see showing up at the polls!

Carlos & Joy



Lauren Daigle



Mark Hall from Casting Crowns






Jordan Feliz



Lift the Vote