The Lost Medallion

When Daniel Anderson (Alex Kendrick – Courageous, Fireproof) visits a foster home to drop off donations, he’s roped into telling the kids a story. Daniel weaves a tale about 13-year-old Billy Stone (Billy Unger) and his best friend, Allie (Sammi Hanratty), who uncover a long-lost medallion and wish themselves back in time 200 years.
Billy and his friends jump off waterfalls, sneak through caves, and battle their nemesis, Cobra, on an island from which they cannot escape, unless Billy discovers the key to reclaiming the powerful medallion and gains a new understanding of faith.

 “My Kids Loved it and have watched it again and again.  You’ll be blessed by The Lost Medallion… Alex Kendrick

 “Wholesome. Entertaining.  A Fun Story for the Whole Family to Enjoy.” Luis Palau, World Evangelist

Special Features include: Family Activity Guide, A special message from Alex Kendrick, and the making of The Lost Medallion

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