WAY-FM’s Tuition Savings Program

WAY-FM has a brand new program designed just for you!  It’s WAY-FM’s Tuition Savings!

This program is designed to work with participating Christian schools to offer substantial savings on tuition for new students only for the first year.  Our growing list of participating Christian schools is below.

Whether you are a parent looking to enroll your student into a Christian school, or if you are a Christian school looking to enroll new students, we’d love the opportunity to provide you with more details!

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WAY-FM is partnering with Heritage Christian Academy to be a part of our Tuition Savings Program! With this, you will receive a one-year tuition voucher equivalent to $5,689 in tuition. You will pay a discounted tuition for one year only, as follows: Full-time Kindergarten-Grade 6th= $2,845 per new student! The tuition does not include any student fees. If you are interested in receiving more information or claiming your spot, then fill out the form below! Space is limited!

Heritage Christian Academy welcomes the opportunity to serve your family. We are always excited to share what great things the Lord has done and continues to do for our school.  Heritage Christian Academy is an independent, inter-denominational Christian school serving pre-school through twelfth-grade students. Founded in 1970 by three local churches in Ft. Collins, Heritage graduated its first student in 1973. The vision of Heritage is to equip and nurture students to be servant leaders with a Biblical Christian worldview who will have an impact on their world for Christ. This is done by offering academic excellence and authentic faith in a nurturing environment. At Heritage, we believe the best foundation we can offer is one deeply rooted in Christ. A worldview that is grounded in the teachings of the Bible will enable your child to face the challenges of society with integrity. All of our teachers are committed to ensuring that every subject is taught on the foundation of the truth of Jesus Christ, which provides your student with rich opportunities to explore how their faith can have an impact on every area of their life. Heritage Christian Academy serves to partner with parents in order to equip students with Christ-like character, a love for God’s Word, expertise with apologetics, and servant leadership through various academic, educational, and extra-curricular opportunities in which students learn genuine love and respect for one another and demonstrate compassion and concern for others and the world at large.

(970) 494-1022

2506 Zurich Dr., Fort Collins, CO 80524

WAY-FM is partnering with Dayspring Christian Academy to be a part of our Tuition Savings Program! With this, you will receive a one-year tuition voucher. Families pay a discounted tuition rate per student of $4,529 Elementary; $4,865 Middle School; $4,970 High School. The tuition does not include any registration or curriculum fees. If you are interested in receiving more information or claiming your spot, then fill out the form above! Space is limited!

Curriculum/ Dayspring Christian academy was founded in 1975. The school consists of a Pre-School, Elementary and Middle/ High School. DCA is fully accredited by ACSI and is primarily a college preparatory institution. All incoming students are placed on a track that will allow them to receive a diploma, which meets all state requirements for entrance into four-year college systems. Over 95% of our students attend a college or university upon graduation.
DCA has distinctively Christian curriculums and a service philosophy, which supports strong leadership skills, strong academics and discipleship. Students meeting specific requirements are allowed to participate in dual enrollment programs offered by various universities and colleges.

Staff/ Student/teacher ratios over the past several years have averaged 20 in 6th – 12th.

Parents/ It is DCA’s firm conviction that proper training first begins in the home. The home is the first institution of God, and it is here that the child first learns set patterns of behavior. There he learns how to respond to other individuals, either by playing with other children in his/her family or those who live nearby. It is in the home that the child learns a value system of right or wrong. Once a child is taught proper discipline and respect at home, he is then ready to be formally educated and to develop the skills necessary to face life successfully.

Community/ Every Middle school and High school class is required to do community service hours per semester, as well as school wide projects, such as warmth clothing drive, Operation Christmas Child and more. The elementary school participates in local service projects throughout the year, such as reading to nursing home buddies, church ground clean up, cookie serve to elderly and UNC students, Food drives and more. The school does at least one larger service project for the community and the world each school year.

Dayspring Christian Academy
(970) 330-1151
3734 West 20th St., Greeley, CO 80634

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