Indonesia Answer Key

  • How many islands are in the Indonesian archipelago?
    Of those 17,508, about 6,000 are inhabited. Many have not even been named, presenting difficulties for search and rescue operations.
  • How many countries in the world have a bigger population than Indonesia?
    Only China, India and the United States have more people.
  • With which country does Indonesia share a land border?
  • Indonesia declared its independence from what country in 1945?
    The Netherlands didn't recognize their independence until 1949.
  • How many people died as a result of famine and forced labor during Japanese occupation in World War II?
  • On what hemisphere is Indonesia?
  • Indonesia has _____________ of the world’s active volcanoes.
    Indonesia is a part of the Ring of Fire with about 150 active volcanoes.
  • Indonesia’s GDP works out to how much money per day per household?
    The average family lives on $8 per day, though many are well below that. 120 million people there live on less than $2 per day, and many families earn as little as $40 a month.
  • The official language of Indonesia is:
  • Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation.
    About 86% of the population is Muslim.
  • What English word comes from Indonesia?
    It's derived from the Indonesian kecap, or sauce.
  • Indonesia is world famous for their coffee, particularly from the islands of Java and Sumatra. If you bought coffees from the Sulawesi region, how much would you expect to pay?
    This is the world's most expensive coffee.
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