It’s ok to take a second and breathe.

It has been a chaotic weekend with a big project behind the scenes here at work.  I’ve been working long hours…encountered a crashed computer that set me back a half-day…and less sleep than I would like to have.  I was in a bad mood on the drive in to the office today and was going through a mental calendar about how I can cram enough into the day.  It felt like everything was as important as the next item…and I just felt stressed already. 

Then I came upon this…3 geese (who I’ve never seen in the area of our office) literally crossing the road.  They were strutting…they were slow…and it made me laugh out loud.  It’s okay to stop…breathe…and take a moment.  The world is not going to end because I took a second. 

It probably took the three less than a minute to cross in front of me and get on with the second half of their 6 lane pilgrimage…but I appreciate that distraction…interruption…and reminder. 

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