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October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020


WAY Media, Inc., the licensee of Station KKWA is a religious broadcaster as defined by the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.  See 47 C.F.R. §73.2080(c)(1); Review of the Commission’s Broadcast and Cable Equal Employment Opportunity Rules and Policies, 17 FCC Rcd. 24018 (2002).  As a religious broadcaster, WAY Media, Inc. has established a religious qualification for all employee positions at KKWA.  In accordance with the FCC’s rules, WAY Media, Inc. makes reasonable, good faith efforts to recruit applicants after an online background check, without regard to race, color, national origin or gender, among those who are qualified for employment based on their religious belief or affiliation.  Listed below are the full-time vacancies filled during this reporting period, followed by a master list of recruitment sources used during the period to solicit applicants.




See the Master Recruitment Source List (MRSL) in the next section for recruitment source data


No full-time positions were filled during this reporting period













RS Number

RS Information

Number of Interviewees from Source

(For each recruitment source used to solicit applicants for any job during the reporting period, insert (1) recruitment source name, (2) name or title of contact person, (3) full mailing address, if available, and (4) telephone number)
1 WAY Media, Inc. – Attn: Human Resources, PO Box 64500, Colorado Springs, CO 80926.  Phone: 719-533-0300            0
2 All Access Music Group / www.allaccess.com 0
3 HisAir.net / www.hisair.net 0
4 Christian Music Broadcasters / www.cmbonline.org 0
5 The Oregonian / www.classifieds.oregonlive.com 0
6 LinkedIn / www.Linkedin.com 0
7 On-Air Announcements 0
8 Indeed / www.indeed.com 0
9 Other: includes mail-ins, website, e-mails, faxes, phone calls, and referrals 0
  Total Interviewees: 0



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