Thanks for your Year-End Pledge Drive support!

Feed the Hungry 2

The WAY-FM team is unbelievably grateful for the impact you made during the 2016 Year-End Pledge Drive. With the help of so many friends like you, WAY-FM was able to strongly launch the Pledge Drive and come to the aid of refugee children desperate for help!

Through the generosity of listeners like you, over 6,000 refugee children will be fed this Christmas season. These are little boys and girls fleeing war-torn South Sudan. And it all happened through WAY-FM’s ministry partner, Feed The Hungry.

That’s over 6,000 children who will have full bellies and full hearts because friends like you gave!

So thanks for stepping up in a big way during the Pledge Drive to help these precious children and share the hope of Jesus locally and globally.

If you weren’t able to invest in the ministry of your WAY-FM during Pledge Drive, or feel led to give another gift, you can give now to help meet WAY-FM’s final $375,000 year-end funding need.

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