The Pledge…a new view

I caught this really cool breakdown of the pledge of allegiance I thought I’d share…

I pledge:  a formal promise, a vow

Allegiance:  our loyalty

To the Flag:  to the symbol

Of the United States of America:  our country

And to the republic:  our government

For which it stands:  what the flag represents

One nation Under God:  Together guided by the grace and mercy of God

Indivisible:  Holding together with everything we have in unity

With Liberty:  the quality or state of being free

And Justice: the quality of being just, impartial, or fair

For All:  Everyone.

We say this over and over again, that, like other things that have become part of our culture, the meaning kinda lessens over time.

With that in mind:  Lord, you have allowed me to live in this flawed, yet wonderful and dynamic country.  I pray for the wisdom honor this nation as a citizen dedicated to her time-honored dreams and ideals. May we always have the temerity to look to your guidance, to stop being so divisive and angry-to strive for unity with everything we have, to acquire the quality and state of being free, and to behave in a fair and impartial mindset with everyone according to the laws both here in our country and in the heavenlies.  In Jesus Name, amen.

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