Power FM and WAY-FM

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1. Download the Power FM App


The Power FM app is the place to hear the best mix of Christian rock music from artists like Skillet, Switchfoot, Fireflight, Red, and more! Hear your music 24/7 and interact with a community of rock fans.


2. Visit 897powerfm.org


No smartphone? Not enough data? Then you can still listen to Power FM from your computer and find events you care about on the Power FM Bulletin Board.

3. Listen to the Wally Show Podcast



  • Thanksgiving Disasters: November 18, 2022
    TWS News 1: Sounds We Love and Hate – 00:30TobyMac on Son’s Death – 3:30Thanksgiving Disasters – 6:09TWS News 2: Thanksgiving Travel Time – 13:20Married Christmas – 16:31TWS News 3: Holiday Weight – 19:49Pastor Chad – 22:44What’s Going On Game – 26:06Flashback Friday – 30:35Rock Report: Chris Hemsworth’s Diagnosis – 34:39Thanksgiving Tablecloth – 38:09Unoffi […]

4. Hear New Christian Music First



WAY NEW is the place to hear new Christian music first! Stream the freshest sounds  from your favorite artists like Lecrae, for King & Country, Family Force 5, Skillet, tobyMac, and new artists you’re sure to love. Plus, you can interact with a community of Christian music fans right from the app.