Wally’s Emotional Letter to His Dad

This is probably the hardest Father’s Day card I’ve ever had to write, as the realization hit me that this might be the last one because my Dad is sick:

Happy Father’s Day, Dad,

Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover what I owe you.

As a kid, you were always there for me, encouraging me, and guiding me.  As an adult, you shared your wisdom and advice with me. I think all of that made me into the man I am today, and I seriously hope that I have made you proud.

You taught me through words and actions how to love my wife and raise my daughter. You have always been a quiet example of what a father should be. I know my life and my family are better off today because of the man you chose to be.

I am sorry if I have been remiss in sharing this with you in the past, but please know that I am eternally grateful to have you as a dad.

I love you.

Wally read his card on-air (and may have made all of us cry a little.) We also heard from others on what they need to write in their Father’s Day cards. 

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Jenny Holley
Thanks Wally. You messed me up listening to this today. I couldn’t see to work because I doing the ugly cry thinking about my own dad. Thru the years we have come really close to not having my dad due to sickness and health, stroke and heart issues to name a few. Each year I have wondered if it will be my last Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthday or just a last any day with my dad. Not easy to think about since I am a daddy’s girl. I have saved voicemails to just hear his voice and always remember what… Read more »

Jenny, please be sure to save your voice messages somewhere besides your phone. I had two messages from my sister in the months before she passed away, and checked them weekly to “resave.” One day they were simply gone. My service provider pretty much gave me a “sorry ’bout your luck.”

Faron Dice

Wow. To think Wally had a dad who is a “quiet example”:

Greg Stevens

Wally, I lost both my Mom and Dad last year and survived very emotional Mother’s and Father’s Days this year. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

Lee Anne
Glad you wrote the card I did a similar thing many years ago for my step dad. My Daddy passed away when I was 6. My step dad was 13 years older than my Mom and it must have been difficult to become a step dad to someone younger than most of your grand kids but he did. I was in college and read a Dear Abby column about telling you dad you appreciated him just in case it was the last Father’s Day. I wasn’t going to be home so I sent him a card. He normally displayed all… Read more »

I loss “The Dad Of My Life” on Father’s Day so it will always be a sad for me! Awesome letter Wally!

Debbie Johnson
My dad “moved to heaven” in 2001 – he was my best friend and after my daughter came along, her best friend… we miss him more than we could ever say. It really doesn’t get easier… you just learn how to live without him. The day he passed away I felt like the world should STOP… how can life just keep going on around me as if nothing happened.. I know everyone feels this way. My dad was stubborn, impatient and angry at times due to his experience in the Korean war, but he NEVER let that change who he… Read more »
Jamie Shelton

This was the first father’s day without my dad. I get it. You did good, my friend. Thank you for sharing this. js