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  • Aftercast - Memories with Grandparents: June 21, 2017
    Today, we did a podcast to see if anyone actually reads the descriptions, and a lot of you do! Yay! Since you missed the content, here's a joke: Knock Knock (who's there?) Dozen. (Dozen, who?) Dozen anybody wanna let me in? Happy podcasting!

  • Workplace Issues for Women: June 21, 2017
    :13-Father's Day Follow-Up Call 1:39-Finish the Headline 5:43-TWS News 1: New Ken Dolls 9:08-That's a Fact, Zach! 15:33-"Cool" Words 20:08-Least of These: Adele Helps Out 24:05-TWS News 2: Interrupted Speech 28:00-Interrupting Women at work 36:11-Blow Report: Hollyn's New Venture 39:44-Prayer wall/Prayer Pastor 42:51-Rules for Kids w […]

  • Aftercast - Buckle In 'Cuz Bekah's On a Roll!: June 20. 2017
    Wally pokes the bear by starting up an off air disagreement Bekah and Zach had about tithing, a listener sends us astronaut ice cream to try, Bekah shares news about a new ice cream shake coming out and how people prefer uniforms at work. This topic sends Bekah on the topic of modesty. Rock finishes with news on Demi Lovato and birthday shout outs with a que […]

  • What Song Describes Your Life?: June 20, 2017
    Floor Is Lava - 00:13 The Scoop - 2:30 TWS News 1: Entertaining Your Kids - 7:50 Snap Judgment - 10:50 Charity Story - 20:05 TWS News 2: Feeling Hot Hot Hot! - 25:17 Your Theme Song - 28:42 Least of These: Hanson's Thoughts on Bieber - 37:54 Do's and Don'ts of Parenting - 41:06

  • Aftercast - Wally Criticized His Fathers Day Card: June 19, 2017
    Wally & Zach share their #s from over the weekend. This leads to a conversation on freeing lobsters. Bekah shares news on how people are making money off avocados, and also gives a PSA on not using Coca Cola as sunscreen. Wally and Zach talk about the Fathers Day cards they received and then we are asked some weird questions by listeners.

  • How Should Children Approach Strangers: June 19, 2017
    Best Worst Joke - 00:13 TWS News 1: Amazon Announcement - 4:45 # Your Weekend - 7:50 Monday School: Good Good Father - 15:06 TWS News 2: Phelps vs Shark - 19:15 Ooh Ahh Game - 22:21 Least of These: Wahlberg and Dating - 32:12 Teaching Kids About Strangers - 35:21

  • Aftercast - We Have Our Reasons for Blocking Zach on Social Media: June 16, 2017
    Zach goes on and on about the same subject on social media so Bekah goes her own way of putting him in his place, Bekah tells us the news on EpiPens, being indecisive, and where chocolate milk comes from. During birthday shout outs we're asked what our most used emojis are and if we'd rather be a villain or superhero. We end with a listener asking […]

  • What You Want to Say to Your Dad on Fathers Day: June 16, 2017
    Haille Advance - 00:13 Inmate Letter - 3:13 TWS News 1: Baseball Update - 7:27 Fight Night - 11:06 Key to a Happy Marriage - 14:48 TWS News 2: United Airlines Incidents - 22:52 Fathers Day Dry Run - 25:48 Least of These: Misogynistic Hollywood - 33:45 Day Job Game - 37:30

  • Aftercast - Rob the Show Historian Points Out Wally Is a Hypocrite: June 15, 2017
    Rob, the show historian, shares what's going on in his life, we talk about if we can remember the day we got saved, what unspoken nap rules are, Bekah shares a bit of news and Betty Rock gives the birthday shout outs.

  • Things You Should Know How To Do As An Adult: June 15, 2017
    Do's and Don'ts of Raising Kids - 00:13 Email - 7:16 TWS News 1: Congress Shooting 1 - 9:35 What You Can't Do As An Adult - 13:05 TWS News 2: Congress Shooting 2 - 20:37 Either Neither Both - 25:41 Veggie Tricks - 34:21 Least of These - 37:58 Zoomed Out Photo - 41:42