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  • Colton Dixon Shares New Music: April 28, 2017
    Bekah shares what it's like to get a transplant right before your wedding day, Wally elaborates more on why he doesn't like Canada, Bekah shares classic Dirk stories, we talk about our first PG-13 movie we saw, and Wally and Zach talk about preparing for their trip to Africa tomorrow. Finish The Headline - 24:44 Sex Offender Email - 27:39 TWS News […]

  • What Are You Longer a Slave Of?: April 27, 2017
    Bekah shares why you should call 911 due to a turkey, Betty shares a possible movie idea Disney is doing, Betty is also asked to name a cat vacuum which she is immediately made fun of for, and Zach tells you how you can get your birthday mentioned right here on our podcast! Skydiving Video - 10:13 Random Acts of Audio: Matthew West at Lipscomb - 14:21 TWS 1: […]

  • Bekah Goes Skydiving With The Army Golden Knights: April 26, 2017
    Bekah skydives with the Army Golden Knights and it's glorious! Hear how it all goes down. In postcast Bekah tells us whether or not she screamed out "Leroy Jenkins" before jumping out of the plane. We're asked by a listener what extreme sport we'd each like to try, if we play up our own characters on the radio, if college prepared us […]

  • Times You've Cheated Death: April 24, 2017
    NES Classic is coming back but only for a limited time! Listeners asks us what we wish we could enjoy again from our childhood and also what our favorite dessert is. Bekah finishes off with her # for the weekend: #reverseparenting. Best Worst Joke - 20:33 TWS News 1: Dogs Best Days - 24:36 # Your Weekend - 28:50 Monday School: Change Your Identity - 36:22 TW […]

  • God Has Special Timing: April 21, 2017
    In our precast, Bekah talks about having a hard time sleeping with everything that's going on, a poddie brings up Wally's journal entry with Superchick, we're asked our favorite Bible verses, and we end with talking about our first year in college. By The Numbers: Bad Boss Qualities - 26:10 TWS News 1: Stop With the Unicorn Frappuccino - 31:49 […]

  • Christy Wright Gives Business Advice: April 20, 2017
    Could you get out of an escape game with Wally? Betty tells about what happened to her Dad that got him into the ER. We talk about Cinco De Betty plans and what quality each of us appreciate in our significant other. Wally plays a track by a guy named Roy Brock and puts it up against Heaven's Fire. Betty Rock talks about The Bachelor and Bekah tells a c […]

  • Bekah's Getting Prepped for Skydiving: April 19, 2017
    Lieutenant Colonel Pulaskay comes in to see Bekah and prep her for jumping out of a plane! We are asked by listeners what we think about pug puppies and what city we would like to move to if we could. Get a Ticket For Using Your Phone - 30:47 TWS News 1: The New Unicorn Drink at Starbucks - 36:00 Either Neither Both - 39:33 Least of These - 48:25 TWS News 2: […]

  • Tax Day Calls For Tax Games: April 18, 2017
    Quick! Think fast! Betty Rock introduces us to the "Burning Building" game, Wally & Zach are asked what each of their favorite memories are with Haille & Anna, what life altering decisions we've made, and what our favorite destinations have been. Bekah tells us a story about two friends who walk across Spain and Betty Rock tells us abo […]

  • Does Your Company Fail At Perks?: April 17, 2017
    Bekah uses the hashtag "I'll take a mile" and we talk about what show we'd like to make a guest appearance on. Bekah keeps us updated on a couple of news stories about a Dr. Pepper fountain and a kid that gets wish at being a meteorologist for a day. Betty Rock tops it off with a story of Chris Kattan's real thoughts on Dancing With […]

  • Easter Game Egg-stravaganza: April 13, 2017
    Wally starts off embarrassing the DC Talk cruise. We are asked if we've ever been to Washington DC and if so, what we did there. Bekah tells us about a dog that escapes captivity and Betty Rock shares how Scott Stapp thought he saw a ghost. Easter Sacrifice - 26:57 Prison Truck - 30:13 TWS News 1: Burger King's Bad Idea - 35:55 Hazed At Your Job - […]