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Meet Betty Rock

Betty PhotoBetty: Audio Ninja

Hometown: Nashville, TN

College: College of Hard Knocks

Family: Moved out on my own but as a perfect only child I’ll never move too far from mom and dad.

Pets: 1 cat- Clementine Marie (Clems for short) R.I.P. Gustopher Cornelius

Celebrity Look-A-Likes: I most often get Jennifer Love Hewitt but would rather it be Shania Twain

Paper or Plastic Quiz:

  • Elvis Presley or Tim McGraw? Oh my…I’ve loved Elvis all my life and Betty Presley has such a ring to it! But Timmy-Poo…he wears that cowboy hat so well. I’m gonna go with Elvis. A girl can’t forget her first love!
  • Cats or Dogs? I love them both but you can never have too many cats, right? Especially when you have two perfect kitties like my Gus-Gus and Clemers!
  • The fanciest restaurant in town or Cracker Barrel? Cracker Barrel! You can’t go wrong, especially on Sundays when they have their fried chicken!
  • Who’s nicer: Wally or Zach? Neither! Wally’s the rude and annoying one and Zach’s the sneaky one.
  • Crazy cat lady that likes to knit and watch old movies or a girl that simply loves all of God’s creatures, is crafty and enjoys classic movies? Definitely the LAST one!