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Did You Know Sleeping Can Teach Us Important Stuff About God?

Something to think about, maybe, before falling asleep tonight: I love God’s sense of humor. We humans get proud. All of us. We tend to think we’re the captain of our own ships. We are the Masters of Our Destinies! We are in control! We know what we’re doing! We’re… we’re… …really tired and need to lie… down… zzzzzzzzzz Yes. We’re designed to fall over, usually once every time the earth rotates, and curl up.… … Continue reading

A Final Word on Saeed Abedini

I feel sheepish writing this, for reasons I’ll explain. But I feel sheepish not writing it, too. So I’m writing this. Saeed Abedini was a listener to our radio show. He lived in Boise, Idaho, before being arrested and held prisoner in Iran. We talked about him a lot on the show, not because he was more important than other prisoners, but because we felt a personal connection, and knew he was held because of… … Continue reading

Hear Naghmeh, Pastor Saeed’s Wife, Talk to Brant About Saeed’s Release

Saeed Abedini, a Muslim convert to Christianity, was arrested in September 2012 in Iran because of his religious beliefs. He is among the four Americans Iran who were released on Saturday, according to U.S. and Iranian officials. For more than three years, evangelical activists have pressed President Obama to push for his release, arguing that it should be part of a larger nuclear deal. His case was the most high-profile religious persecution for Christians in… … Continue reading

The Myth of Private Sin

A friend of mine did something really, really bad a couple years ago.  Real bad.  Not “illegal” bad, but… bad enough that even this week, it showed up on page two of a metro newspaper, a thousand miles away from where he did it. I love this guy.  He’s fun, smart, and fairly new to Christian belief.  He’s accepted responsibility for what he did, and he’s had to live with it every day.  He told… … Continue reading

Katniss and Her Friends: Why the Hunger Games Resonates

– Wrote this a few years ago after reading the books. Some people told me this is crazy, it’s just a teen-lit story, I’m reading too much into it. Others said this is crazy, because I’m merely stating the obvious. Hmm. Anyway, here’s why I think this isn’t “just” a story. (Is there such a thing?) – Make a glance at Daisy Slots to see a plethora of online slots platforms and their rules, not… … Continue reading

Hey New Dad: This Is the Challenge You Were Made For

So you’ve got little kids. Everything — every single, stinking, thing — is a hassle. You miss hanging out with other adults. Another family invites you over for a simple dinner, but getting out the door is a logistical nightmare on the order of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Procuring a babysitter requires more energy than a “date night” seems to be worth. You can’t go anywhere, even out for a quick coffee with somebody, without lengthy,… … Continue reading

Yearning for the Undeniable God

A text to my radio show: I’m trying to hear God’s voice.  I’m trying to listen.  I’ve read that God is always speaking.  I want something that isn’t a whimper. Something personal. Something I cannot deny or doubt. Everything I believe says God wants the same thing. So what is the problem? I wish I knew your name. And I wish I knew your name because… my response would sound so much better. Bad news… … Continue reading

In Response to Jane: Here’s to Giving Up

(From the email-bag archives.) Hi Brant, I’m Jane. Just another 16-year-old girl. And I don’t know if you have time for this, probably not, but I need someone to talk to right now, and some advice. And my friends have their own problems, so I don’t want to bother them with mine, mostly because they can’t really help me, but I felt like I needed to reach out to someone, and you seem like a… … Continue reading