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A Letter From a Loving Mom to Her Teen

Dear Sweet Child of Mine, I know you are so big now. You’re growing up faster than I could have ever imagined. In my mind, you went from 16 months to 16 years in about two weeks. It’s gone by so quickly for me and even as you wish away your youth in exchange for budding independence, I can still see you as a baby in my arms. Oh it was not so long ago… … Continue reading

One Dad’s Story May Change How You See Your Family This Father’s Day

  It certainly wasn’t my plan. I was going to have the perfect little Christian family. I grew up as a preacher’s kid. My parents listened to Focus on the Family on the radio, and I did, too. I went to a Christian high school and eventually Evangel College in Springfield MO. After that, I took my first full time Christian radio job. Oh, I was so sure that I had it all figured out.… … Continue reading

How to Be a Fun Mom Even When You Don’t Feel Like One

I must confess that I am your usual suspect Type A. I am a multi-tasking, like to get things done, leader and administrator type. These traits are great for running a home, being a career woman, serving in ministries, but not so much for the fun mom category. This realization hit my heart hard as my 9 year old labeled me the not-so-fun mom. Even at my age, labels hurt! This piercing wound made me… … Continue reading

14 Simple Ways to Show You Care

We asked you to tell us about a time you felt loved. Here’s 14 ways to love, as told by our readers. 🙂 1. Happy Just Because Day! “The nicest thing someone has done for me was to give me a gift. It was on a random day and I was so surprised and enjoyed the gift.” 2. Communicate Regularly “When we were dating, my husband didn’t have a house phone so he would drive down the road to a pay phone… … Continue reading