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Jason Gray sings live

Here’s a song I think a lot of people need to hear. I know it meant something to me personally.   Check out the full interview with Jason Gray. 1:45 Stuttering and healing 12:30 Paper or Plastic Quiz 17:00 Being open with your life 23:30 Story behind “Not Right Now” 28:00 “Not Right Now” live … Continue reading

Phil Wickham performs “This Is Amazing Grace” live

Phil Wickham gives us this great live acoustic performance of “This Is Amazing Grace”.   Check out our full interview with Phil, including: • 1:00 Parenting • 4:10 Confirm or Deny • 7:05 Bart Millard duet in “Safe In Your Arms” • 9:00 3 Things we couldn’t know about Phil • 11:55 Writing “This Is Amazing Grace” • 14:30 Phil reads his reviews • 18:15 Phil performs “This Is Amazing Grace” live … Continue reading

Sidewalk Prophets “Keep Making Me” live

Live acoustic performances don’t get much better than this one by Sidewalk Prophets. Check out their new song, “Keep Making Me”.   These guys are a ton of fun. If you’re a fan of their music, check out the full interview. 0:00- Catching up 2:00- New guitar player 3:30- Online devotionals 5:45- Dating game 10:00- Story behind “Keep Making Me” 11:30- “Keep Making Me” live 14:50- Writing a song from an obscure Bible passage 16:30-… … Continue reading

Skillet Skypes from Denmark

Wally got to catch up with Jon Cooper from Skillet while they were touring in Denmark. They talked about the differences between touring in Europe and the U.S. and what it's like to tour with Nickelback.   … Continue reading

Scott Stapp of Creed plays “Creed Song or 16 year old girl poetry”

Creed's songs were very dramatic, so we wanted to see if Zach and Katie could figure out what lyrics were Creed songs and which ones were the writings of 16 year old girl poets.       Check out the full interview where Scott talks faith, fatherhood and rock star fashion. And make sure you watch till then end when Scott gets his first exposure to Wally's old band, Heaven's Fire.     Scott also… … Continue reading

Unspoken on the show

Wally has a journal from all his hard times growing up. He still struggles with the pain, so it's always helpful when bands create beauty from his pain.   Check out the full interview with Unspoken. They share how God used a mission trip to change an addict's life. … Continue reading

Can Katie and Betty win a trip to Disney’s Night Of Joy?

  Wally really wants to take Katie Rose and Betty Rock with him to Night Of Joy at Disney's Magic Kingdom. But nothing's free, so they have to earn their way.     You can join Wally at Night of Joy, September 6th and 7th, 2013. More than a dozen Christian artists will perform on stages around the park, including Skillet, MercyMe, tobyMac, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline! For more information, visit their website. … Continue reading