We Need More Videos Like This Reminding Us There Are Good Dads in the World!

It’s Father’s Day week! Hurray for this video showing a positive portrayal of dads!

As a dad, I love what TDAmeritrade did with this commercial. I am often frustrated by the way our media represents fathers. There is Homer Simpson from The Simpsons TV Show, Daddy Pig from Peppa Pig, and who could forget Al Bundy and Archie Bunker? Oh, there are so many more bad examples of fathers.

We need more videos like this to remind us what is real and true!


I guess I’m not the only one who thinks this… according to a Netmums poll, there seems to be a growing dissatisfaction and alarm at the way fathers are routinely portrayed as bumbling fools. In this survey, an overwhelming “93 per cent of mums and dads said that the way fathers appear on television, as well as in books and on adverts, bears no relation to their real-life contribution to family life.” The poll also stated that “nine in ten dads said they felt they were working harder than their own fathers to be a good parent.”

I personally believe there are lots of good fathers out there. I know several personally. If you have never seen one, consider doing a little unscientific research of your own, and trying to find one. I’d recommend you ask around at church. You may be surprised!

This week is all about Fathers, and we salute the “good” dads. Maybe you want to watch the video again, and have a tissue handy? By the way, I happen to believe good dads aren’t afraid to cry either!

See more amazing dads!

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