3 Signs It Might Be Time To Go To Therapy

In this week’s episode of the “Holy Mess Podcast,” I share some tell tale signs your mental health may need a check up. The best way I have found to work on my own mental health is through Christian counseling or therapy with a professional who can help you get to the root of what is really going on. If you see yourself in any of these 3 reasons, it may be time to go to therapy.

1. You struggle to adapt and change when life throw you curveballs.

Life simply does not go according to plan. When your plans are thrown off, how quickly do you bounce back? It could be something small like a new responsibility at work or something major like moving to a new home. It’s normal to struggle through any new change at first, but someone who is mentally healthy is able to adapt and adjust. Change for me often brought about anxiety and eventually led to insomnia which was my glaring sign it was time to find some help for my mental health.

2. You have trouble being present in the moment.

It’s normal for your mind to wander when you do a mindless task like the dishes, but your mind may be doing this so much it’s unhealthy. If you find yourself obsessing over the past or even the future your body can start to feel the stress. I would play out different scenarios in my mind of what could happen and try to mentally or emotionally prepare for things that may never happen. My self talk became unhealthy. Be aware of sentences you say to yourself that start with “I should, Why can’t I just, or I need to.” There is beauty in every moment and we could be missing out on that gift. If you are missing being fully engaged and present in each moment, it may be time to seek some help.

3. When your thinking is not helpful, but you do not know how to challenge it or change it.

Awareness is a key to being mentally healthy, but once you are aware of a tendency that is not helpful it’s easy to feel stuck. Even with the help of therapy, the most challenging part is implementing what you learn. If you discover that your anger is hurting relationships, your perfectionism is robbing you of peace, or your worries are keeping you from enjoying life it’s time to find help. A professional therapist will help point out some of these tendencies and how they are manifesting in your life. Time in therapy will also give you tools that can change thought patterns, which leads to new behaviors, and life change for the better!

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