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Meeting Jade at a Casting Crowns concert a few months ago changed Wally’s outlook on life. Though she’s only six and battling cancer, her courage and joy is inspiring and contagious.

Jade heard about Mark Hall’s recent diagnosis and wanted to write him a letter. She said it would have been nice if someone who was a “pro at cancer” would have written her, and since she is a pro now, dictated this letter to her mom to send.

Casting Crowns Singing Guy,

My name is Jade and I am 6 years old. My sister, Alyssa, likes you a whole lot. I found out today that you have cancer. I wanted to write you because I have cancer too.

I found out about my cancer in the summer time. When I found out, I was scared, nervous, and I didn’t know why.

It’s ok if you feel like that too. You will start to feel better. It doesn’t stay scary. Sometimes it’s fun.

You will get new friends, and you get to stay up late, and you go to special places, and people are nicer to you, and you get ice cream whenever you want. (One tip: don’t try to go to the playroom in the hospital at night, the nurses won’t let you.)

I want to tell you too that my mom says before God made the earth, He knew me and He knew I would have cancer, I think it’s the same for you. Even if super bad things happen, God already knows.

Try not to listen when they say the super bad things that can happen because they aren’t always right. They said I would lose all my hair. I didn’t. Only the things that God wants to happen will happen.

When you love God he takes care of you even if other people think what is happening isn’t good.

Some of the things aren’t good or fun. You might have to take some nasty medicine like 6MP. But the best way to have cancer and be happy and make Jesus happy is to try your best at everything.

Make good friends. One of my good friends I got because of cancer you already know I think. His name is Wally and he is on the radio. He is on the radio so it’s like he is talking to me every day, he likes me a lot, and he calls me, Wally even loves me, and he prays for me, and he lets me be Wally’s Jade.

Even if you don’t want to talk but you want someone to talk to you, Wally is good at that because he is good at talking a lot. Everyone needs a good friend and you can share my friend Wally. You will figure out the rest.

I will pray for you. If you need help I will help and if you need me to take over your shows and sing I can. Alyssa can teach me the songs.

The End
Wally’s Jade

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