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I wish I could pay for Wally to get off the radio with his hypocrite behind. How dare he claim to be Christian and not even believe that God exists. He gets on knowing people are listening and makes jokes about Jesus. That is soo disrespectful!

Those jokes aren’t funny and if you live to please the world than how are you christian?

I am angry at Wally for being sooo fake I wish I could buy the station and fire him. And its not out of hate it would be so he could mature and actually learn real Faith!


I am really not sure where this is coming from. I have never said I don’t believe in God. You are right about one thing, if I truly believed that there was not God or He was not the Lord of my life, then I certainly should not be on Christian radio, but that is just not the case. What made you think that in the first place?

Also, as far as the jokes go, over the last 8 years I have seen God use the humor of the show more than the serious stuff to help mend people’s hearts. I had a guy tell me that he laughed during the show one day. He couldn’t even remember the dumb thing we were doing, but he laughed.

He went on to tell me the reason that was so important. He said it was because he had not laughed in 6 months since his daughter was killed in a car wreck. This ushered in healing for him and started lessening his anger at God.

I know you say I am not a real Christian, but I would like to point out that I am living my faith out right now with you, in my actions. You said some hateful things to me that were not even based in truth and I am responding to you with grace.

I am not hurling accusations at the status of your faith based on your words. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that maybe your heard something wrong or possibly are having a bad day. That is how I know God is real inside of me because 8 years ago when I first got here this conversation would have gone a lot differently, and in the end, neither one of us would have looked anything like Jesus.

I really would love to know what I did specifically that caused you to react the way you did. I look forward to your response and I really hope you have a good day.






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