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E-Mess-smileyWally, I am a faithful supporter and listener. With that being said, I was truly startled as I turned into my work parking lot this morning as you and your co-host made jokes in regards to Rodney King’s death….specifically, the comment that it’s ironic how his family called the cops for help and how sticks (batons) were not involved this time.

Maybe it’s just me, but I was a bit alarmed and thought it was both too soon and inappropriate and insensitive to make such a comment. I want to believe no harm was intended, but want to express that harm was done.

I know that if your family member was just found at the bottom of a pool, you wouldn’t be receptive to any joke about their death. In addition, you never know if one of his family members may have been listening and was hurt by your comments.

I do love your show, but just ask that you use caution in your jokes and at least attempt to be sensitive when they involve the death of someone. That just didn’t exhibit the love of Christ at all.

Wally-E-Mess-iconYeah that was on me. I was just thinking out loud. I was not intending to make fun of Rodney King’s death cause before that I talked about the tragedy of how his life went. It was just a random thought that hit me.

That is the tough part of my job. I speak off the cuff. I am sorry if this hit you wrong. I even cringed a little after I said that and thought I am going to get a few emails on that. Fortunately, yours is the only one I got so hopefully I didn’t stick my foot too far in my mouth. I appreciate your thoughts on this and the way you approached this situation.




E-Mess-smileyThanks Wally. I truly appreciate your reply. You keep me screaming in laughter every day, so it’s nice to know you do care and can have compassion as Christ calls us to. Have a great remainder of your week. I’ll still be listening tomorrow….as usual. :

Wally-E-Mess-iconThanks for being so cool.


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