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Before coming to Rwanda with Blood Water I was already worrying about what was I going to say to properly convey the need here. Words seem incredibly inadequate. That is why I am glad for pictures.  Yes, there is incredible hardship, that is why we are here. However, there is joy amongst the struggle and the story of that joy is told on the smiling faces of these amazing people.

What is really interesting is how quickly people here warm up to the Mazungu (white person) who seem to be invading their villageI dont think they always know what to make of us, or at least of me anyway.

pic 2 water can smile

This kid went from 1) you are scaring me to 2) I think I like you and 3) we are now best friends and I am going to follow you all day. All in only a matter of seconds.

pic 3 boy smile collage

Here are a few of the smiles that have become part of my story, because I will never forget them.

pic 4 Smile collage

Only on the flip side of these pictures of joy there was another image I will never forget.

pic 5 girl drink from wall

It might be hard to tell what is happening here, but it was raining and water was running off the roof into a gutter and down the wall. This was a make shift water fountain for this girl and reminded me of just how important the work is that Blood Water is doing here.  I know I never want my daughter drinking dirty water off a wall and I would imagine that would be something you would never want for your child either.

That is why I am very excited to see what is going to happen next week when we do our School Bells and Water Wells event to give kids at schools in Africa clean, safe water.


Learn more about how you can help us build 20 wells at schools across Africa with Blood Water!

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