I am always sad when I get ready to leave Africa. The people and experiences here are amazing, but there are 4 things I will not miss:

1. The urge to do dumb things

There are so many opportunities to feel like a kid and do things that are not smart, like balancing on a small log over a contaminated water source, but I can’t help myself.

Full disclosure, I did ask someone to hold my phone because I trusted my athletic abilities even less than I trusted the log. It still shocks me that this is the water people have to drink.

2. The reminder of what a big baby I am about everything

The next time I whine about about my coffee not being served to me at exactly 140 degrees, I should be spanked. Especially after seeing the lengths people in Africa go just to get water.

3. How much my face hurts from smiling

One of my greatest joys is laughing with these people…

…except this kid. I’m not sure what happened there.

4. The time spent in airports

This isn’t because it it mind-numbingly boring. I won’t miss it because it is time that I am not home making a difference for all the incredible people we met.

Please make sure to listen next week as together, we can make a huge difference for the people we met in Uganda. If you can’t wait till then, no problem!

Make a Difference Today!


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