Rick’s call stuck with us. He called when he was on his way to find out if he had cancer or not, but sounded so hopeful in the midst of it. Wally followed up to see what happened next and reports back in this video.


Wally reported back, saying: “Sadly, it didn’t go the way Rick or any of us were hoping or praying. He has cancer. He mentioned WAY-FM was there for him going into that meeting. So, when you support the ministry of WAY-FM, you were there in his car with him… you were there for him, also, when he probably needed it the most. And you know what else? God was with him, too. That’s one of the the things we tell people all the time. Even when you feel alone, God is with you. And the best part of this story is, Rick understands that. He was able to still look at his story and say, God is good.”

Thanks for your support of WAY-FM. It really makes all the difference!


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