Inspired by the musical Hamilton, Anna Brown, at just 18 years old felt called to set the story of Jesus to music. The musical is called His Story and what makes her story so interesting is that she had no musical training.  This musical is a great example of what God can do when we are willing to follow Him into the unknown; Frozen 2 reference intended!

Here is a little more about the show.

His Story: The Musical is a Broadway-style theatrical event, 2000 years in the making. In this new contemporary pop musical based on the life of Jesus, a common-man-from-an-obscure-family arrives in the big city and defies expectations. He speaks great wisdom, but chooses friends from the dregs of society and hangs out in the wrong part of town. Mocked by the establishment, he is adored by the people. His Story: The Musical brings this iconic story into the third millennium with a contemporary voice and timeless perspective that engages the essential struggles of our global humanity reminding all of the universal power of love and redemption.


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