Facing a problem today that feels bigger than you? While we may not have literal giants in our lives, we can learn a thing or two from David’s fight against Goliath. Here are the 5 stones that David grabbed to take on the giant:

1. The Stone of Perspective

David saw things differently. While everyone else on the battlefield saw the problem, David saw the solution. Giants aren’t always what they seem.

No matter how big the giant seems to you, God is bigger than that giant.

2. The Stone of Power

David knew what God and God alone could do. The spirit of God is greater than the world or the problems we face. The same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power in you (yes, it’s more than just a catchy Jeremy Camp song!)

3. The Stone of Faith

David had faith in God and what God could do, and he didn’t wait for an invitation. He believed God would show up, and not just to protect him, but to show His power and presence.

4. The Stone of Example

Your faith in God when everything seems hopeless will inspire others to follow God. David inspired all of Israel that day because of his faith.

5. The Stone of Victory

David trusted that God had the victory and that the battle was already won when David started walking toward the fight in faith. God goes before all of our battles just like He did for David. The difference is….do we believe it like David did?

Special thanks to Jeff Simmons from Rolling Hills Community Church for this message!

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