Kennedy’s Dream Job!

When Kennedy was a kid, he had no idea what his life would look like. Kennedy grew up in Kenya in extreme poverty. It’s the kind of poverty most of us have only seen on TV and think, “Wow! That’s horrible. Someone should do something about that.”

But Kennedy’s life changed forever when he was sponsored as a child through Compassion International.

Roxanne was his sponsor and she probably doesn’t even know the effect she had on Kennedy as a young boy.

Financial sponsorship through Compassion is great, but it is the letters from sponsors to their kids that inspire them to become even more than they ever thought was possible for themselves.

Kennedy said that his sponsor’s words stuck with him throughout his life. You might be tempted to think it was some profound pearl of wisdom or some deep spiritual metaphor.

No, she simply reminded Kennedy that he was special. He was special to her and he was special to God.

Our words carry weight and they have the power to destroy or the ability to propel and that is what Roxanne’s words did for Kennedy. Even as an adult, Kennedy still has all of the letters Roxanne sent him. He said, “I got hope and learned to believe in myself!”

Here is the best full circle part of Kennedy’s Compassion story: Kennedy went from being a sponsored child to working for Compassion and you will never guess what department he works in.

Kennedy is responsible for making sure that all of the 40,000 letters per month between kids and their sponsors get to where they need to go. It is so perfect because he knows firsthand how important these letters are.

“These letters are not just a piece of paper. These are people’s lives that are changing.” – Kennedy

Sponsor a Child


Sponsor a Child


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