Photo Op is where Wally makes us send him the last photo we took on our phones. Which photo do you like the best?



Gavin: My dad recently gave me the clubs that my uncle used before he passed away. I quickly found a nearby driving range to practice my swing, which absolutely needs improvement. It was a cool way for me to remember my uncle and do something that he loved to do. 







Wally: My wife loves headbands but they give her headaches.  So to help her, I wear them around the house to stretch them out because I have a lager head than she does! Any wife would be thankful to have such an amazing husband!










Betty: I found a new show to binge over the holiday weekend called Long Lost Family and after every episode I’ve ended up being a crying hot mess swaddled in my Huggie and cradling my cat. #livingmybestlife





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