Photo Op is where Wally makes us send him the last photo we took on our phones. Which photo do you like the best?


Wally: When my daughter Haille was little, one thing we used to do together was draw Disney characters. The coronavirus gave us a second chance to reconnect in that way as Disney animator Michael Woodside teaches people to draw a different character on YouTube every day!






GavinI’ve been tempted to see what I would look. like these days without my beard, and then I found this photo from about 5 years ago and decided against it. 






Betty: Working from home has been tough, not so much from being socially distant from everyone, but because my cat, Clementine, didn’t get the 6ft distant memo and needs to be right by me 24/7. #intheway







Bekah: Usually, I get a pedicure this time of year, but since everything is closed, I asked my husband Joey to help me. Surprisingly, he said yes and did a decent job!! #husbandoftheyear




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