This is my view most mornings as Betty Lou transforms into Betty Rock right before my eyes.  I was shocked at the size of her make up bag. Pro tip for you gentlemen: If you comment on the size of her make up bag make sure it goes something like this, “that is such a big make up bag for someone who needs so little make up!”  It worked on Betty and it will work for you too.

We girls are always looking out for each other. That means that if I can see a potential embarrassing moment happening, I will do whatever I can to make sure that doesn’t happen for my fellow girl friends. With that in mind, I went to meet a friend for lunch and took a shot of where I was seated so that she wouldn’t be confused or embarrassed when walking in. #girlcode

My wife came home from a trip with a stroller and all sorts of baby products that her sister didn’t need anymore. She did warn me that she was coming home with this, and we’re still a couple of years away from having kids of our own. But when I saw the stroller in our guest room my stomach still did a summersault.

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