Photo Op is where Wally confiscates our phones and makes us tell the story of the last photo we took. Today, that led to an important conversation about a girl named Chelsea….

Left: As a kid, I loved matching my mom. As a teen, nothing embarrassed me more. As an adult, I’m back to twinning with her as she and I bought matching shirts at an outlet mall. -Bekah

Middle: I was at Walmart the other day when I came across this jacket that I liked. But I didn’t get it because I’m still uncertain of whether or not camo is something I can wear well. I thought I might put it out to the world to judge me. -Gavin

Right: This is Chelsea, and this is a picture of her at the last for King and Country show she attended before taking her life. Her mom said she struggled, but they loved going to FK&C shows together.  Her mom was beyond sad but wanted me to tell the boys that she was there in Chelsea’s honor and was grateful for what they meant to her daughter. -Wally

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