Which novice seamstress created the best look, Wally or Bekah? After countless hours of frustrating fabrics and pin pricks, it’s now up to you to decide whose design wins it all.

Dress 1

For the modern woman who wants everything but can’t decide between two classic styles, this garment has it all.

This skirt is what some fashion critics are calling, “A blend between Grecian princess and sparkle retro” and what others are calling, “What was she thinking? No really. It looks like it was sewed in the dark.”

Style is all about taking risks, and this brave designer did just that. Even hemlines? How dare you suggest such a thing. Correct sizing? What is that? Bold. Daring. Wrong. These are all words used to describe this half cotton, half evil fabric…I mean chiffon…skirt.


Dress 2

Betty is wearing the latest country chic look from fashion’s hottest new designer. This look is fabulous at any age. It can be dressed down with cowboy boots or dressed up with a scarf.

This mix-and-match ready-to-wear look is made from 3 different cotton fabrics that are not only en flique for this season but are timeless. The construction is impeccable and the taste level sophisticated but fun.

With a vintage flare and ease of wear, this is the perfect outfit for work or play.


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