Because we are dedicated to science, we decided to see which Disney Princesses we were according to our Myers-Briggs personality types. We also just really like to do things on the show that make Wally look bad.

Which princess are you? If you’re unsure which personality type you are, you can take the test here.



Pocahontas (ENFJ): They are lighthearted, empathetic, inspiring, and always ready to shoulder the burdens of others. They tend to be very easygoing….unless someone close to them is threatened. They are quick to sense when people need guidance and try to provide it, and they take their obligations to others very seriously.


Elsa (INFJ): These are astute observers who takes interest in the needs and desires of others. They are private, good-natured, worldly, and quick to make connections between complex concepts. They value self-control and the pursuit of the greater good, but they often have difficulty listening to their own needs.


Cinderella (ISFJ): They are traditional, loyal, kind, and observant of others. They value stability and cultural norms and are often consistent with work. They’re known for their kindness and willingness to go to any length to help those in need, but they often fear change and try hard to maintain peace.


Princess Jasmine (INTP): These are natural-born thinkers with a calm, serious exterior but a deeply passionate soul. They often come up with systems with which to solve problems and are quick to correct others. They tend to get so lost in thought and the pursuit of information that they neglect listening to others.

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