If Wally had to sum up his day in Africa using song titles, here’s what he would have to say!

Walk Like a Rwandan

pic 1 water walk

That would definitely be the theme song for today as we got a little taste of what it is like to walk down the incredibly steep hills, that even mountain goats think people are crazy to use, to get water.

pic 2 lady at well smile

Walking 2 hours for water is a way of life in Rwanda. I don’t know how many of us would be this happy after carrying a 50 lb. can of water up a mountain.

Let it Go

Another applicable song for today would be “Let It Go” from Frozen, and not because it’s cold (I wish) but because I “Let Bekah Go.” I was supposed to be holding her by her backpack to slow her descent down the hill side, but when inertia got her, and she started sprinting down hill, looking like a giraffe on roller skates. I had to “Let It Go.” Fortunately, some kids caught her before she Jack and Jill-ed all the way to the bottom. Near death experiences are very funny to them.

Walk This Way…and then keep walking

pic 3 kids laughing

We walked for what felt like hours to get to a water source where every day kids will fill up their jerry cans and then make the arduous trek back up the steep sides of the mountain. There is nothing easy about this task and I felt like I had been in a Rwandan triathlon by the time I made it back to the top.

pic 4 smile kid with can

Providing water points in the community allows kids to go to school because they are not spending hours gathering water and they do not get sick from contaminated water they have gathered.

Washed by the water

pic 5 girl laguh at me


This might seem like a beautiful moment with an excited child getting water, but this kid has an evil side. The reason she is laughing so hard is because she just threw a bunch of water on me.

pic 6 kid gulp water

Watching kids gulp down water in a place like this is beyond cool. This is the stuff Jesus was talking about when He said, “When I was thirsty you gave me something to drink.” This is living out our faith by taking care of physical needs and showing people Jesus in the process.


Learn more about how you can help us build 20 wells at schools across Africa with Blood Water!

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