Chills Came Over Me – A New Believer’s Story

My name is Kaitlyn and I’m 19 years old. When I was little I use to always go to church with my family. Then as I grew up, I started missing services and then I just stopped going. When I was in high school I met a friend that was all for Jesus. She invited me to come to church with her one day. She told me that, even though I had not been to church in 6 years, I needed to get back up and God would forgive me. As my friend and I were on the way to church she turned the radio on and WAY-FM was on.

She started singing to the songs that came on. Chills came over me and I started to sing with her even though I didn’t know the songs.  Ever since that day I’ve became closer to God. WAY-FM is the only radio station that I listen to now. This radio station showed me that there is a man that will forgive you no matter what.  It all started with one song on the radio on the way to church. I just want to thank ya’ll for being there for me every time that I need to hear something.


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