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We all do it… We get busy with our own lives

At WAY-FM, we are more than individuals just trying  to make it.  We are a community of believers who are seeking to live out our faith on a daily basis.  This video will challenge you to refocus on who the center of our lives should be. … Continue reading

“Thank You for Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus!”

Presley* says…  

“Last year in January I was saved. I listen to the station daily, and some days [just] the right song plays and [it brings] tears of joy that I decided to change my life. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus and reaching others with His message daily.”  

Friends like you make it possible to touch lives like Presley’s and reach people everywhere with the message of Jesus! Thank you for your partnership.   

*Representative name

Where Is Your Hope?

By: Betty Rock

I don’t want to live in a world where I constantly feel fearful. But right now, so many people feel like everything is out of control, and giving up seems the easiest thing to do. 

Thankfully there is another way!  

One of my best friends and I are reading through the Bible chronologically, and a verse I read recently speaks into the hopelessness we see around us. It comes from the book of Job, and if you know anything about Job, you know he had a lot to feel hopeless about. 

But in Job 28:28, you discover where he finds his hope in the face of so much pain and uncertainty. He states: 

“The fear of the Lord is true wisdom; to forsake evil is real understanding.” (NLT) 

Job knew there were things he may never understand, but he found hope in trusting God and in His ultimate wisdom. 

You would never choose to put your hope in someone you know nothing about. You trust someone you know well. When we know more of the character of God and how good He really is, we find there’s a lot to be hopeful about. So if you’ve found yourself down and out lately, make the time to sit with God, just like Job did. 

When we come to God for that hope we so desperately need, we find it by knowing everything is under God’s control. That is hope. 

So thank you for sharing that message of hope through your partnership with WayFM! 

My Prayer for You

By: Bekah

I am the most indecisive person I know…at least, I think I am. Then again, maybe I’m not.

On top of that, I am a chronic people-pleaser.

Add those things together, and you can imagine the anxiety I carry around most days when it comes to making decisions.

This hit home again recently when we had an illness outbreak in our office. My husband is immuno-compromised, so we have to take more precautions than the average person.

I had to make some hard decisions.

What do I need to cancel?

What should I say no to?

Do I need to work from home?

And once again, I started to buckle under the weight of trying to make the right decision while also making everyone around me happy.

When I get to that place, I have to remind myself of the only thing I can do: make the next right decision.

Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” 

Do you see the rescue in that verse? God promises to guide us forward one step at a time.

And so that’s my prayer today, and I’m praying it for you too: “God, show us the next right thing!”

A Healthy Habit You Won’t Want to Break!

By: Wally, The Wally Show

Why is it that bad habits are so easy to fall into, but it takes considerable effort to create a good habit? Personally, I am a creature of habit, and I fully understand what Paul was talking about in Romans 7:15 when he wrote, “I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate” (NLT).

This is the reason that every year I resist the urge to make a New Year’s resolution because I’m fully aware that I will probably not stick with it much past January, and I don’t need that kind of failure in my life.

However, this year was a little different for me. Instead of a resolution I accepted a challenge, the 21 Day Challenge.  

If you are not familiar with this, it is where we challenge people to listen to WayFM for 21 days straight to see what effect it has on their lives. The idea being that filling your head and heart with music that is brimming with God’s truth brings people peace, hope, joy, contentment, and grace.

Basically, listening to WayFM is like getting your recommended daily allowance of spiritual fruit!

As the host of the morning show, I obviously hear the music we play every day. However, so many times while you’re hearing the songs on the radio, we’re doing work behind the scenes. So, I don’t truly get to listen and absorb the message and the music.

Then after being on the air for four hours I usually prefer not to listen to anything on my way home. But I decided to do what I had been telling others to do and take the 21 Day Challenge.

I cannot believe the difference!

By nature, I’m a very highly strung, impatient, and intense person. So you can imagine how much better the outcome would be for me walking into a tough meeting with the words to Zach Williams’ song, “A Little More Like Jesus,” in my head, instead of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

It even got into my driving. Before, if someone was driving badly, I immediately thought the worst of them.

But during the 21 Day Challenge, someone cut me off and I distinctly remember hearing Phil Wickham singing, “This is Amazing Grace.” It instantly reminded me to extend grace to that person, because I had no idea what might be causing them to be distracted.

Perhaps the thing I have loved most about taking the 21 Day Challenge is how easy it is. I don’t think I could accept a 21 day workout challenge. While that might be great for my body, the working out I really need to do is on my heart, and I truly do feel a difference.

If you’ve not taken the 21 Day Challenge, it is never too late to start. I promise you this is one habit you will never want to break!

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus… All Day, Every Day!

By: Joy Summers,

I did it again.

The alarm on my phone was blaring after snoozing it multiple times. I switched it off only to end up scrolling through social media.

There had to be a better way to start the day.

That’s when it hit me. A memory of my interview with Joni Eareckson Tada.

Joni is one of the most incredible women I’ve had the honor of interviewing. Joni is a Christian author, painter, quadriplegic, and the founder of Joni and Friends, a ministry which accelerates Christian outreach in the disability community.

She cannot physically get herself out of bed, so in those moments while she waits for someone to come help her up, she prays:

“Lord, I need you. I can’t get through this day without you.”

As she lays there, she declares her need for God. The part that has never left me though, is what she said next.

“Joni who faces so many challenges every day feels badly for us. She cannot escape her dependency on God, a keen awareness most of us don’t have.”

So I’m taking a page from Joni and changing up more morning routine.

I open my eyes and pray Joni Eareckson Tada’s prayer before I scroll on my phone or my feet hit the floor. Before the rush… before the noise… first, comes God.

It changes your day as you simply surrender yourself to the God who is ultimately in control. It helps you remember you are wholly dependent on Him when it is so easy to try to do it on our own…That’s also one of the many reasons I love WayFM. Every single song is filled with the message of Jesus, pointing our wandering hearts back to Him – not just first thing in the morning, but throughout the day.

We can’t put air in our lungs or even wake ourselves up, and yet we attempt to handle all life throws at us on our own. We wait to turn to God for help only when we cannot handle life’s bumps and bruises.

I’m learning to reverse that process these days and go to God first. He is my source of strength. Plus, starting my day in surrender to God leaves me feeling WAY better than scrolling!

“Thank You for Bringing Jesus and Joy to My life!”

Thanks to friends like you, Nichola* finds hope for each day.

Working on the front lines of healthcare has never been an easy ride. But then COVID-19 hit and took things to a whole new level.

Nichola knows what that feels like.

“I’m a nurse in an ER, and the last year has been tough,” she says. “There’s a lot of cynicism… in this world, and sometimes it’s hard to overcome the desire to just fall in line with that.”

But that’s where you’ve stepped in and made such a difference. Through the encouraging music and honest conversation you make possible on WayFM, Nichola’s found new strength and hope for each day.

“Listening to WayFM before and after work… has made a huge difference in my life when there’s so much negativity around me everywhere else!”

What a beautiful thing! Through your support, Nichola knows the peace and presence of God each and every day. And that’s what keeps her going, even when things are so tough.

So Nichola’s closing words are for you…

“Thank you for bringing Jesus and joy to my life when I need it the most!”

And thank you for your support which God used to help Nichola when she needed it most!

*Representative name and image used.

You helped Diane know she’s not alone!

Everyone should have a place to find hope during life’s challenges – and your support of WayFM makes that possible for listeners like Diane* every time they tune in. She writes…

“Thank God for your radio station and app. It is a constant reminder that I am not alone. Our son has been homeless for the past two years on the other end of the world. When I listen to WayFM it gives me courage to know that God will use all he is going through to strengthen not only him but me too. Thank you for being a light in this world.”

Diane is just one of the countless listeners who find hope through the meaningful music and honest conversations of WayFM made possible by your generous support. Thank you for your partnership!

*Representative name and image used.


Meet your favorite new hobby

By: Betty, Co-host, The Wally Show

Over the last year, people have taken up all kinds of new hobbies. I’m sure you’ve seen them on your Instagram timeline at one point or another. Well, recently I was introduced to one of my own: geocaching. Have you heard of it?

Basically, it’s a free treasure hunt for adults – and it’s SO MUCH FUN! All you need is a GPS-equipped device and a list of caches in your area and you’re ready for some adventure.

My best friend and I decided to try it out for the first time and found our first cache! Inside was a logbook that we were able to sign with our names, the date, and the time we found it. We then left it for the next person to find. Needless to say, we’re quickly becoming geocache champs!

It was a great time spent together just letting loose and acting like kids. So if you’re looking for an easy way to fill an afternoon with fun and friends, give geocaching a try, and make sure to let me know what you find!

Let’s celebrate what God has done through you!


This last year brought us all plenty of challenges, but your partnership with WayFM helped create incredible impact in countless lives around the world.

Because of the generosity of friends like you, people facing the challenges of life have been able to call in for prayer and get connected with God through His Word – and that’s worth celebrating!

Here’s a glimpse at what God has done through your investment in WayFM over the last 12 months:

  • People Prayed With – 36,981
  • Prayers Offered – 188,134
  • Prayers Answered – 758
  • Spiritual Care Conversations – 3,754
  • Free Bibles Mailed – 2,079
  • Decisions for Christ – 62

Each of these is a tangible example of the impact you make possible as part of the WayFM family. Thank you for your generous heart and your passion to make joy possible for those facing difficult times!

Why My To-Do List Stays Incomplete

By: Wally, The Wally Show

Every day when I sit down at my computer to work, I see my sticky to-do list for the day. Yes, I am fully aware that one of the core competencies of a computer is to organize lists like this – but I’m old school and love physically marking things off of my to-do list. Few things in life are quite as satisfying.

However, there is one thing not crossed off on the top of my list. That’s because it is not completed… and it won’t be completed for a few more years. The item simply says, “Theresa/Michael.” I write it at the top of my to-do list every time I start a new list to make sure I do not forget about it.

Theresa called me after I shared my family’s story on the air about my brother doing time in prison. I had talked about how God used that time to radically change my brother, and I shared about our family’s struggle to navigate a broken system as we tried to help him get his life back when he got out.

This conversation resonated with Theresa, and she proceeded to share the story of her son Michael with me. Michael is in prison, and it has been extremely difficult on her and her family. She spends many days crying, praying, and worrying for her son, but hearing my family’s story of restoration gave her hope that things could be good again for her son and their family.

This is why we share our stories – especially the not-so-pretty stuff – because we never know how God is going to use them to help someone else.

The reason I write and rewrite Theresa’s and Michael’s names on every to-do list is because it reminds me to pray for them every day. That’s not something I take lightly. I know we can sometimes use it as a way to exit a conversation – “Okay, I’ll be praying for you” – but if we say that, we really need to make sure we’re following through with that promise.

I look forward to the day when Michael is home with his mom. I know firsthand what a great day that is, and I can’t wait for them to get to experience that. Then and only then will I cross them off of my to-do list!