WayFM “reminds me that God has a plan”

When life gets overwhelming, hope and encouragement can be hard to come by – especially when you’re alone in a brand-new place. That’s what happened to Jessica*, a listener who escaped an abusive marriage. She writes…

“Two years ago, I fled from home with my two sons after enduring years of emotional abuse that had taken a turn for the physical. My (now) ex-husband was a drug addict and things had gotten very bad. We lost everything.”

Put yourself in Jessica’s shoes: a single mother, caring for two children, all alone and starting over from scratch.

For most, that would be enough to crush their spirit – but not Jessica. Not only did she entrust her future to God, but she also found joy in the midst of her challenges through the meaningful music and honest conversations of WayFM, all thanks to friends like you!

“I knew that my kids were safe and God would help us figure everything out. I found WayFM and it has helped me keep moving forward and reminds me that God has a plan. It helps my distress, keeps my faith up, and life continues to get better for my boys and me.”

The joy you help provide through WayFM doesn’t end with Jessica – it’s encouraged her sons as well! She continues…

“Today on the way home we were listening to WayFM and my oldest son, who is 10, began quietly singing along with lyrics to one of the songs on your station, and it made me realize how important this station has been for us.

Thank you for being the best part of my morning commute to work every day.”

What a perspective! Even after losing everything, Jessica chose to believe that God had a plan for her and her sons – a belief that grows stronger every day as she listens to WayFM.

Your support makes stories like Jessica’s possible, reaching people everywhere with encouragement and hope at just the right moment when they need it most. So thank you for keeping WayFM strong and continuing to spread the good news of Jesus!

*Representative name and image used.

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