You Help Change Lives That Seem Beyond Hope

Brian’s battle with addiction had reached a breaking point. Brought on by years of depression and anxiety, he lived in constant shame of the person he’d become.

“I was taking so many methadone at times that I wasn’t sure if I was going to wake up the next morning. But I felt like the world would be better off without me so it really didn’t matter.”

When all you see around you are your own mistakes and failures, it’s easy to lose hope – and even feel like you’re beyond hope. But thanks to support from friends like you, Brian soon discovered that God never loses sight of us no matter how dark things get.

Writing in to afternoon host Joy, Brian shared about a WayFM interview God used to reach him when he thought all was lost.

“I ran across an interview you did with Darren Mulligan [from We Are Messengers]… and it helped me in the darkest hour of my life.”

In this powerful conversation, Darren discussed how God redeems even the darkest moments of your past and uses them to lead you deeper into His joy, forgiveness, and freedom. It’s an interview about the power of grace to change a life. And that’s just what happened for Brian!

“After that interview, I dropped to my knees and surrendered my life to God. It gave me just enough hope and strength to have one last fight with my addiction. I quit cold turkey that day.”

“Over the next three weeks I went through deep depression and bad withdrawals, but every time I would feel like I couldn’t make it, I would watch that interview and somehow it gave me strength.”

Maybe you know a bit of what Brian’s talking about – how God uses the honest conversations and encouraging music on your WayFM to speak hope into your day and give you strength for life’s challenges. It’s a testimony a lot of people write in to share – and one your partnership helps make possible.

That’s right… your support keeps WayFM on the radio and streaming online to point people like Brian to the hope of Jesus. You help shine light into people’s darkest hours! And God doesn’t stop there. Read what He’s doing in Brian’s life today:

“I’m currently working on a degree in counseling so I can help others with addiction and depression, and I’m the worship coordinator at my church. It’s amazing how God used that one interview to completely change my life forever.”

Thank you for your investment to help change lives like Brian’s through the hope of Jesus heard every day on your WayFM.

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