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Meet Bekah

Bekah: Co-Host/Producer

Hey, I’m Bekah! If you’ve ever thought, “That girl that works with Wally is awkward,” I take that as a compliment! We all have our quirks, and I’ve finally learned how to own mine, because God created me this way for a reason.

And….it’s totally true. I’m very awkward! I haven’t figured out how to maneuver my 6’0” self, and when I’ve met artists in the past, I’ve been known to tell them they smell good before I even tell them my name.

When I’m not at work, I love catching up with friends one-on-one, binge-watching TV, or just cuddling up with my husband Joey and our clumsy dog Hadley.

Speaking of Joey, you may have heard me talk about his health issues in the past. Since April of 2016, I’ve been taking on the role of caregiver as he faces complications from a bad case of pancreatitis. If I’m ever not on the show, I’m probably traveling with him to research facilities and hospitals as we work on getting him better. While I wait for better days, I’m happy to share the highs and lows of our story in the hopes that it makes someone else feel less alone.

PS. I’m a huge nerd when it comes to grammatical rules, but please never apologize for grammar in emails or Instagram messages! I love grammar, but I’m not judging you. In fact, this bio probably has plenty of mistakes because English is hard.