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Meet Wally

Wally: Host of The Wally Show

Thanks for checking out my bio page. I am Wally, and contrary to popular belief, I did not come up with the name, “The Wally Show.” I am a husband of 27 years to an amazing and beyond patient wife (she would have to be, right?) named Mardi. I am a father to a 20-year-old daughter named Haille, who is so kind and Godly. All the good stuff in her is definitely her mother’s influence.

That is who I am. What I am not is a pastor, or a counselor, or even the best example of a Christian on some days. But I am a guy who has made mistakes and knows what it means to be broken. The fact is, we are all broken in some way, and knowing that colors everything we do here. If you have ever felt alone, marginalized, or like an outsider…you fit in here.

Radio is my life, and not just because I like the sound of my own voice, but because I get to share other people’s stories. This is a place where it is ok to not be ok, where no one has to have all the answers, and where we’re ok with laughing at ourselves and the world around us.

If I had to sum up what you will get from this show in one word it would be: Honest. We are honestly trying to make you laugh every day because humor is such a wonderful gift. I have seen God use the silly things we do just as much as the serious stuff to change people’s lives.

You also get honest conversations about life, faith, issues, and struggles. With us, what you see is what you get. We are the same people on and off the air who realize we only get to do what we do because of you.

Perhaps most importantly, every day you get our honest attempt to help make your life a little better in the time you choose to spend with us.