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20 Acts of Kindness that will Combat Hate

It doesn’t take much to be kind. Last year, we were inspired by 11-year-old Ruben’s #ElPasoChallenge, and we thought it was a good time to bring this back. With so many people feeling isolated, afraid, and alone, here are 20 easy ways you can be kind and make a difference.  It seems so simple, but we typically don’t say it enough! Even if you’re just thanking someone for something they do every day, it’ll still… … Continue reading

Surviving Coronavirus: This Man’s Story Will Bring You Hope

Life has changed drastically over the last week due to the Coronavirus. As we are all learning how to adjust, we still have a lot of questions. CJ & Joy found out the answers we’ve been anxious to know. They interviewed John Brock, pastor of New Hope Church in Michigan, who just recovered from COVID-19. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with the Coronavirus. 1.) What was your first symptom? 2.) How… … Continue reading

How to Help Those Affected by the Tennessee Tornado

Prayer: Please continue to pray for our WAY-FM family in Nashville and Cookeville, Tennessee, who are in the aftermath of a devastating tornado. Your prayers for those whose lives have been uprooted are so appreciated and they are making a difference. If you and your family need prayer, add your prayer request to WAY-FM’s prayer wall so we can pray for you. Prayer Wall   Give: Convoy of Hope Convoy of Hope is on the… … Continue reading

Merry Christmas From Your WAY-FM Family

From expecting Santa to fill our footwear with gifts to eating cake that looks like tree bark, the holidays are filled with traditions—some of which are downright odd when you stop and think about them. Where did they come from? Wonder no more. Here are the origins of 12 Christmas traditions. Though it may seem like a centuries-old tradition, showing up at people’s houses to serenade them with seasonal tunes only dates back to the 19th century.… … Continue reading

Win Your Very Own WAY-FM T-Shirt!

Picture this, there’s a parade being thrown in your honor marching down the street. Hundreds of fireworks are exploding in the sky. There’s a crowd of people singing “For You’re a Jolly Good Fellow.” Why? Because you’re one of WAY-FM’s Top Fans on Facebook, and you make the Facebook page a better place. Ok, ok….we got caught up in the moment. We can’t actually throw you a parade or light up the sky in your… … Continue reading

Hangout with Sidewalk Prophets!

Are you fun, energetic, and a big Sidewalk Prophets fan? If that’s you, sign up to win a spot in our video shoot with Sidewalk Prophets tomorrow at the WAY-FM studios from 10am – 12pm. We’re looking for people who are not afraid to be on camera, who are outgoing, and who love to have fun! You must be available tomorrow from 10am-12pm. Sign up with the form below to win a spot in WAY-FM’s… … Continue reading

Join Us in Prayer for TobyMac & His Family

This week, we have been grieving with TobyMac and his family over the loss of their son and brother, Truett. When tragedy strikes, it’s easy to feel like there is nothing we can do. However, God has called us to pray for this family in their sorrow. TobyMac’s music has touched our lives in so many powerful ways when we needed it the most. Now we have the opportunity to be there for him. We… … Continue reading