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Learn How to Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage!

If you’ve ever thought your marriage problems would be solved if you and your spouse simply stopped fighting… think again! This video series is for you! Based on the book, Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage, this series goes deeper with author Dr. Greg Smalley and his wife Erin Smalley from Focus on the Family. They use years of counseling, research, and success stories to teach us how to use marital conflict as a way to deepen and… … Continue reading

The 5 Things You Take for Granted that Would Change Someone’s Life

Can you imagine not being able to take your child to the doctor when they get sick or not even having bandaids to help them when they get hurt? That is the reality for most of the mothers that I met while in Ecuador. Brittany is a sponsored child through Compassion International, but when she was just a little girl she fell and hit her head cutting it open. Her parents did not have anything… … Continue reading

How to Quit Quitting

When life gets hard it’s far too easy to quit things. However, it seems to be true that God changes us the most when we learn to persevere and NOT give up. Author Annie F. Downs shares what it takes to quit quitting.   … Continue reading

Session 1: How to Handle Conflict the Right Way

It may be hard to believe, but sometimes fighting is actually good. The problems come from how you handle it. Learn how to use conflict to strengthen your relationship rather than harm it in today’s video. Get the book that inspired this series. It’s called Fight your Way to a Better Marriage: How Healthy Conflict Can Take You to Deeper Levels of Intimacy by Dr. Greg Smalley. Encourage your friends to fight their way to a better marriage, too!… … Continue reading

If You Had a Hard Year, Here’s How to Hope Again in 2018

Author Annie F. Downs loves to inspire others to be brave through her books “100 Days to Brave” and “Let’s All Be Brave.” But she has dealt with struggles of her own to hold out hope even when God has not given her what she hoped He would.       Don’t miss Joy’s whole interview with Annie where they tackle how to be brave on social media, with no makeup, and even through deepening… … Continue reading

Session 7: Unfaithfulness – Where do we go from here?

What if you find yourself in a broken marriage? Broken trust is one of the huge dangers to keeping your heart closed for too long. Here’s how to move forward if you find yourself in this place or nearing it. This final video powerfully unpacks the “why” behind affairs and how to hold on to hope even in midst of a fractured relationship. Get the book that inspired this series. It’s called Fight your Way to… … Continue reading

Session 6: Find a Solution (as a team)

This is the final piece! You know to have an open heart, how to “love talk,” and come back together. Now how do you and your spouse come to a solution? Is compromise really the best solution? Who gets their way? The answer comes down to how you function as a team. This video contains a really important piece to the recipe for fighting fair and loving well. Get the book that inspired this series.… … Continue reading

Session 5: How do we come back together?

At this point, you know that if you’re in that reactive cycle and buttons are being pushed, you need to take a moment away – to get your heart open and head on straight. But what about when that moment is over and you need to come back together? That’s a whole new ballgame! Greg and Erin Smalley dig in and give real-life examples that explain where to start and how to work through issues together.… … Continue reading

Session 3: How to Stop Having the Same Fight Over and Over Again

Ok, so fighting can be a good thing. But what if your fights circle the same issues over and over again? Today’s video shows you how to look behind the curtain and see what’s really going on with you and your spouse when you fight. Encourage your friends to fight their way to a better marriage, too! Tweet Get the book that inspired this series. It’s called Fight your Way to a Better Marriage: How Healthy… … Continue reading