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Start Your 7 Day Journey to Hope

If you’re going through one of the darkest or most confusing times in your life – or walking alongside someone else who is – this study is for you. WAY-FM Nashville is wrestling with suffering we don’t understand and how it intersects with God’s Word. You’ll hear stories from WAY-FM artists and DJs who have gone through hard times or walked with loved ones through suffering, but have seen hope in the midst of it. You… … Continue reading

Find Hope By Trusting In Him

The news has been full of horrible headlines. We’re feeling this with you, but the question remains – how on earth do we respond? When Lauren Daigle wrote the song, “Trust in You,” she learned something that can help us today. She says, “I walk into the writing appointment and my friend is sitting there and he says, ‘Lauren can I tell you a story? …There’s this man that wen to help Mother Theresa and… … Continue reading

A Needed Song of Hope on a Hopeless Day

In the wake of all the tragedies and conflict in the news this year, it’s easy to feel hopeless. That’s why it’s great to have songs like this from Tenth Avenue North to remind us who our hope is in. I have this hope In the depth of my soul In the flood or the fire You’re with me and You won’t let go The Wally Show talked about some other songs on the show… … Continue reading

Does God Really Have a Plan for My Struggles?

We were sitting through another doctors appointment, waiting for another test, another answer, and yet we were still in the same place. Well meaning, she said: “God has a plan for your life” I smiled…and cringed a little too. Have you heard that phrase a million times before? Have you heard it when you are in the middle of a battle that seems endless and you feel like saying, “STOP IT!” “God has a plan… … Continue reading

When It’s Not How You Planned It

“This is not how I planned it” Have you ever said that about your life? Have you ever said that about the direction that something you anticipated going in changed? You had a different idea in mind. Life played out differently than you had dreamt. Life played out differently than you had hoped. That situation played out differently than you prayed for. I was talking with someone this week who sheepishly admitted that this wasn’t… … Continue reading

Feel Alone? This Song is Perfect for You…

This song keeps coming up in story after story. Including Jackie’s story about how God meets her at just the right moment through songs like “Just Be Held” by Casting Crowns. A year ago, I met a man that I fell head over heels for. I just knew God had brought him to me after years of being alone. He had lost his wife and I had just found my life. We shared a love… … Continue reading

This Flawless Performance from Natalie Grant is Full of Hope

Natalie Grant’s voice blows us away in this live performance of her song, “King of the World,” but her sound isn’t the only thing to pay attention to. The lyrics in this song are beautiful and incredibly powerful reminder about who God is and how often we put Him in a box.   Natalie introduced the song her Facebook page like this: “I have control issues… Furthermore – I have fear issues… But when did I forget… … Continue reading

How God Can Use the Greatest Darkness to Make Something Beautiful

“I had to write from a very vulnerable place because it was all I had.” Those are words from Meredith Andrews. She gets super honest about the struggles from the past year and how they shaped her newest songs. “I feel like it’s in the darkest seasons that God gets our attention and breaks it all down and says, ‘Let’s get to the bare bones. Do you believe I am who I say I am?… … Continue reading

For When You Feel Invisible

I didn’t know my insecure feelings were so close to the surface when I looked out of my kitchen window the other day and saw the cardinals. The red birds were sitting on a spindly pasture branch and going about their business. They were working and picking at the seeds from the dried weed heads creating a rhythm. Suddenly feelings of invisibility came to mind. Momma cardinals like to be hidden to protect their young… … Continue reading

It’s Time for You to Wake Up and Come Alive!

Lauren Daigle sings a haunting rendition of  her song, “Come Alive (Dry Bones).” This is her stunning live performance and the story inspiring the song.   We talked with Lauren and Michael Farren, a friend who co-wrote “Come Alive (Dry Bones)” with her. They told us the personal story from the day this song came to life. Michael: You kind of went into telling a story about a friend… and just the struggle and the… … Continue reading