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Bust your Own Toby Dis Rap

The Toby dis saga continues. I have made my rap now it’s your turn. Download the music and put your rap to it. Chose whoever’s side you want and record your rap about it. Then email it to me: wally@totalaxxess.com Download toby_dis_rap_track.mp3 (right mouse click and save target as) … Continue reading

Home Sweet Ghetto

Producer Zach and I live in the same apartment complex so why is his place nicer than mine. Wally’s Livning Room                                                                                          Zach’s Living Room   Wally’s Bed Room                                                       … … Continue reading

Matt From Superchick Saves Wally’s Birthday

After a day of birthday disappointments culminating in a lunch by himself Wally was pretty bummed about how his birthday was going.  Then a cherub in a camo hat stepped down from heaven to save the day.  Matt from Superchic[k] was listening to Total Axxess and not only did he hear Wally’s pain he prevented a pity party by brining Wally a cookie cake.   … Continue reading

Check out The Toby Mac Dis Rap

There is no doubt I was dissed by Toby and in my hood there is only one way to settle this.  I challenge Toby Mac to a rap battle.  Listen to my first challenge.  Will Toby Answer?  He knows where I stay. http://www.divshare.com/flash/audio?myId=1459894-32a … Continue reading

Is Toby Taunting Me?

A cool Total Axxess listener, Sandy, went to see Toby live.  She knew I wanted to meet him and have him on the show.  She even waited in line to talk to him on my behalf and took the time to get me an autograph from him.  Check out how Toby signed the autograph to me.  Did he do this on purpose? quot;0″ style=”float:left;margin:0 5px 5px 0;” /> … Continue reading