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Guide to Rose Festival

JOIN 104.5 WAY-FM AT THE PORTLAND ROSE FESTIVAL!  There are so many fun activities and events for the whole family during Rose Festival. You can attend and you can join in other ways as well. Here’s a list of all the different ways to get involved with WAY-FM during Rose Festival. VOLUNTEER AT CITY FAIR Play games and talk about WAY-FM to attendees at CityFair! You’ll get free admission to the fun for helping out.… … Continue reading

March in a Parade with WAY-FM!

WAY-FM is looking for families like yours to walk in the Fred Meyer Junior Parade on June 5! The Fred Meyer Junior Parade is the largest kids parade in the US and a Rose Festival tradition. Dot the Mascot and the WAY-FM van will be in the parade, but YOU ARE WAY-FM. If you have children middle school age and younger sign up below to get more details about the parade. The route moves through… … Continue reading

3 Reasons To Be At The Fred Meyer Junior Parade

Leaving out the obvious (It’s a parade!), here are 3 reasons why you should take your family to this year’s Fred Meyer Junior Parade: 1) It’s for Kids The Junior Parade has all of the traditional elements you love about parades, but they are all done by kids! Children come from all parts of the city to join in: dressing in costume, transforming wagons into floats, decorating their bikes with colorful flowers, or just parading with their… … Continue reading

Make a Difference at Rose Festival City Fair!

If you love WAY-FM Portland and always wanted to get involved with us now is your chance! Volunteering for WAY-FM Portland at the Rose Festival CityFair on May 26, May 27, June 7 or June 9 is EASY! 1. Sign up to volunteer below! Sign up through the form below for as many shifts as you are able. Each day you volunteer you will gain entrance to City Fair for Free! 2. Show up at your designated… … Continue reading

12 Ways to Make Your Remarriage Work

My wife Brenda and I have been married for almost 15 years—remarried that is. We were both active and involved in our churches before we met, so we never thought we would find ourselves on this side of the marriage fence. Divorce was not in our plan. Yet, both of us found ourselves divorced, healing, dating again, and asking, “How do I make my remarriage work?” A huge ripple effect was created by “the great… … Continue reading

A New Playbook For Your Marriage

New Plays for a Better Marriage I don’t claim to be very knowledgeable about football but I do know that teams have different plays for different situations. The quarterback barks out some numbers, flips the ball to the guy behind him (whatever that position is) and everyone seems to know just what to do. Sometimes, they pass the ball or kick the ball or run the ball. Sometimes they catch the ball, put it on… … Continue reading

Does Your Marriage Reflect Christ?

A few years ago I learned  the important lesson that marriage is a reflection of our relationship with Christ. Katie and I faced the biggest crisis of our marriage. I started pastoring Woodland Christian Church when it was fairly small. Within three years the congregation had tripled in size. I admit that before I became a pastor, I was completely unaware of how much work is actually involved in shepherding a church of even a few hundred people. I had… … Continue reading

Northwest Marriage Conference FAQ

How do I register for the Conference? You can register here! How many tickets come with a registration? The registration is for 2 people. So as a couple you just need to register once for the two of you. Do you accept checks or cash?  You can purchase tickets with cash at the door, but the price will be $69 at the door but not checks. You can also pay with a debit or credit… … Continue reading