The Little Girl That Will Make You Courageous

What moves you to act courageously?

Its a tough question to answer, right? Don’t worry If you’re thinking & can’t come up with anything specific.

A year ago, I’m not sure I could have answered myself. Ask me today & I’ll respond with one word.


(Maurine pictured above on the far left)

Here we have a little girl in Africa that is living with 2 bow legs.

CJ here and I was part of a group traveling to Kenya, Africa and I had the honor of meeting Maurine. Being around her is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. She’s got a spirit that shines bright when you’re in her presence. At the same time, you see her sweet legs needing to be fixed & it breaks your heart. There’s a better life waiting for Maurine on the other side of a life-changing surgery… A surgery that is made possible by the incredible people at CURE International. A surgery that happens through you! I hope you enjoy watching Maurine’s short story as much as we enjoyed making it.

You can help heal a child like Maurine today! 


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