What’s YOUR Chapter Called?


THANK YOU for sharing some life with me on the air last week by telling me, if we were writing a book together, what your chapter would be titled in a book on parentingmarriage…a book on being single…even on how to be a better puppy owner! When my friend who’s currently writing her novel for NaNoWriMo first told me to try this challenge, my goal was to get to know you better, but really I learned a TON!

Here’s what we learned:

Parenting is hard: Popular chapter titles were: “I’m Your Mom: We Can Be Friends Later,” and “Encourage while Correcting (Say FIVE Encouraging Things For Every One Correction)”

We also learned marriage is hard, and so is being single. It seems like “Surrender” was a popular chapter name in both of those books. As far as being single, another popular theme was “Finding Contentment” as a single person.

One WAY FM listener said her chapter on single life would be called, “DO NOT SEEK…and You Will Find.”

I thought she said not to SPEAK, and I got a little freaked out. If not talking is key to finding love again, I’m in trouble. She said for her, becoming content and giving up a “search” resulted in her husband finding her.

And finally, a book on puppy parenting. A dog trainer from Dallas called in to say the whole book needs to be called, “I Am Master, You Are Puppy.”

My puppy, Andy, is apparently confused as to who is boss in the house, and dogs need to know who the leader is. Like kids, they really want boundaries, and want to know they are really not in charge. My pup still freaks me out, but we are hoping to break him of this confusion before he is 100 pounds.

Thanks for walking out some life together, for listening, for reading!

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