Caring for Communities With Jesus’ Love

In response to the pandemic, your WayFM stations around the country have been stepping up to encourage people and show Jesus’ love in action to their local communities.

Together with friends like you, your WayFM partnered with local ministries to thank frontline workers, host socially distant church services, and help those in need.

Here are just a few examples of the impact you’re providing around the country through your local WayFM stations…

  • Operation Beef Stew with a Soldier’s Child – Delivering beef stew meals to military families who’ve lost a parent in battle. This program helped provide food to these single-parent families struggling with financial insecurities and job loss during COVID-19 lockdowns.

  • Beyond Our Wall – A drive-in church service in partnership with 16 local churches, onsite at the local fairgrounds. People in 4,500+ cars were in attendance, and we were able to broadcast the service live on our local frequency so everyone tuned in to WayFM to hear the service from their cars.

  • Signs of Hope campaign – Your WayFM team was able to visit several locations around Nashville and thank workers for their service throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions: people at hospitals, restaurants, home improvement stores, and grocery stores.

  • The Community Way – You helped make it possible for your WayFM to partner with various nonprofits and highlight our combined efforts through a video series we created called “The Community Way.” The conversations were focused on how these charities and ministries were helping their communities during the pandemic and connecting people in need with the local organizations equipped to assist them.
  • Delivering meals to the elderly community and picking up groceries to drop off at a food pantry for families in need.


Your support makes all of the above initiatives possible. So thank you!

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