You’re Lifting Hearts in This Crisis

“People are hurting so badly right now. [But] this station helps me so much.”

Kelsey’s story shows how important it is to have a voice of hope in your life, especially now. She’s grateful for how you’ve help bring that to her through your WayFM when she needed it the most. She shares…

“I lost my dad unexpectedly to COVID-19 two months ago after a three-week battle at a local hospital – and then recently lost one of my closest childhood friends from substance abuse.”

How do you deal with a double whammy like that? Thanks to friends like you, WayFM is Kelsey’s soundtrack so she can hear meaningful music and honest conversation that points her to Jesus every single day. What she said next is only possible because of you. She says:

“I look forward to listening and whether it’s that piece of advice I needed to hear or I am suffering in moments of sadness, the worship and encouraging words always help guide me back to His light.”

Of course, having a laugh and feeling part of your WayFM family helps heal her heart too! She adds:

“I love Wally’s sense of humor and how the whole team balances important, serious life lessons from Scripture with funny, real-life situations we all face in a way that reminds us we are all connected and in it together.

“We are not meant to live in fear. We are meant to live in love and peace which can only be sustained by Jesus. So I pray everyone finds that unconditional love I am grateful to have known for years and have every day.”

She. Gets. It. Yes, Kelsey says, “People are hurting so badly right now.” But she’s determined to live in the hope of Christ, which unifies us through His unconditional love. When you support your WayFM, you’re helping  spread Jesus’ love on-air and online.

So thank you for your investment that helps keep meaningful music and honest conversation going out to  people, pointing them to the eternal love of Jesus.


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