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Can a man ever tell a woman she can wear more makeup?

Bekah found an app called YouCam Makeup that lets you see how you look in different makeup. We highly recommend only girls do this. Wally thought the girls found some looks that worked for them. Is it wrong for him to tell them they could wear more makeup? [wdca_ad ] And yes, the app works for babies too. … Continue reading

What color is your personality?

Psychologists say there are 4 personality types and they can be summed up by a color: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green. This quick test supposedly will tell you your strengths, weaknesses and even physical health. Here’s what we got: Wally: Orange Betty: Red Bekah: Orange Zach: Yellow Take it for yourself! [wdca_ad ] … Continue reading

Which of these petitions would you sign?

Petitions aren’t the way to solve every problem, but we all have a cause we think needs addressed. Betty wants to make all weekends last three days. Bekah wants everyone running for office to face a polygraph test and ninjas. Wally thinks Shark Week is too long and wants it to become Shark Minute. And Zach wants Starbucks to offer stevia packets. [wdca_ad ]   … Continue reading

Bekah gets a massive makeover

Bekah has been wanting to make a change to her appearance but isn’t sure what to do. Being the great friends we are, we all pitched in with some suggestions. Which should she go with? Baggage Bekah Goth Bekah Cher Bekah Dolly Bekah Pharrell Bekah  Clown Bekah     … Continue reading